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An interview done by Nicole Citroen of the Amazing Andreea website on December 5, 2001 after the Hypotheekshop Gymnastics Top 2001 competition in Holland. Reprinted with permission.
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During the Hypotheekshop Gymnastics Top 2001, a competition in Holland, the Romanian juniors Madalina Rapeanu (left) and Monica Rosu (right) competed. Both impressed me, especially on floor although they did have problems on beam. After the competition, I went up to Monica to have a short chat, Madalina was taken to the First Aid to let them take care of her hands. She ripped the skin on both hands on bars and they were bleeding heavily.

Monica, when were you born? And where are you from? Do you have brothers and sisters?
I was born on the 11th of May in 1987 and I'm from Bacau. I have one brother called Cristian and he's 20 years old.

When did you start gymnastics?
When I was 4, I was still in kindergarten then.

How many hours do you train a day?
About 6 hours.

Do you think you will be selected for Deva soon?
I don't know, I hope so.

How do they select the gymnasts, is the selection after a certain competition?
No, they look at all the results you have achieved so far. It's usually in January that gymnasts leave for Deva and other juniors are selected to join the national juniors team so in January things are always a bit different from the start.

Did you go shopping here yet?
No, we haven't been into town yet. I don't know if we will go.

Madalina joins us....

Hi, could you tell me something about yourself?
Sure, I was born on the 13th of July in 1987 in Buzau. I have 4 sisters who are older than me, Angelica who's 22, and then the triplets Mihaela, Viorica and Florentina who are all 20. Mihaela used to do gymnastics too and she trained in Bucharest with the junior team together with Alexandra Marinescu, Claudia Presecan, Mirela Tugurlan and others but she got too tall so she stopped.

I take hold of her hands to have a look. They are bandaged with plasters.

Does it hurt?
Yes, very much. It happened on bars. They took care of it after my bars routine but I still had to perform on beam and then it started bleeding again.
Monica shows me her hands. They are covered in blisters too.

Ok, some regular questions. What is your favourite apparatus?

Monica: Floor
Madalina: Floor

Who's your idol in gymnastics?

Monica: Nadia Comaneci
Madalina:Yes, Nadia

Every Romanian gymnast says that, you all have Nadia as your idol! Don't you like others too?

Madalina: Yes, I like Teodora Ungureanu, she's in America now I think, and I like Daniela Silivas.
Monica: Yes, I like her too.

What's your favourite colour?
Monica: Red
Madalina: Red

You all like the same things! What about music?
Monica: I like the Backstreet Boys
Madalina: I like Britney Spears

With whom do you share a room in Onesti?
Monica: We are roomates!
Oh, that explains why you like the same things!
Both giggle.

What about Christmas, are you going home to celebrate?
Monica: No, we can't. We only go home a couple of days before Christmas.
Isn't that difficult for you? You are still so young, wouldn't you like to be home for Christmas? Be with your family?
Monica: Yes, very much so but the Europeans are soon.
The Europeans? That's next year!
Yes, in April I think.
And that's why you can't go home?
Yes, we have to start preparing for that now.

Then both jump up and Madalina says: "Look, Chusovitina on floor! Did you know she's 26 and has a child already?"
And they both step on the bench to have a better look at how she performs, you can see the utmost respect in their eyes and they talk about the height of her acrobatics together.

Do you think you won a medal here? (the results weren't finalized yet)

Monica: Yes, I think I finished second. I could have won but fell off beam twice.
Madalina: I hope I won a bronze medal.

I saw a documentary on tv and they interviewed you Monica. Have you seen it yourself?
No, but I think something has been on tv about us in America too because I started to get fanmail! I have fans!! My brother answers most of the letters through email because I'm hardly at home. We don't have a computer in Onesti, we can only receive letters but no emails.

Monica did finish 2nd and Madalina 3rd. (Full results on the Newspage) I have the feeling that we will hear more about these two cheerful girls.

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